You can Heal your SOUL with this wonderful book

Put knowledge in the daily life & see how it transforms your way of thinking & looking at life


This book has 3 major chapter: Knowledge, Meditation & Wisdom

Wake-up call, Drama , Mind, Destiny, Happiness, illusion, Ego, Human Pain, Suffering World,
Human Being & God, Self Love, Purity, Soul Consciousness, Pure Love,
Relationship & Ego, Lust, Greed, Anger, Possessiveness, Detached Observer & so on.

Feedback from those who have read Transformation

Neeraj Sabharwal has chinned a masterpiece. In the tradition of non- theistic sages like Krishnamurti, 
Alan Watts and  Michael Bernard Beckwith, he takes the reader past an experience of the “what and how” and 
into an experience of
communion with the “All that is”.
~ Rev. Dr. Jane S. Galloway ~
Founder/Spiritual Director
Immanuel Center for Conscious Living
One Spirit Many Expressions
Long Beach, CA

Its my bible for my life ahead…You have no idea how you saved my sinking heart and brought back the smile 
and confidence in me..I shall always be in debt..

Books on transformation for moving people out of stagnation and living their true purpose are crucial.
Thanks for moving us forward with your soul work.  
~ Dr. S. Ervin

I can appreciate the honest approach to explaining why personal transformation is so essential to being fully human.
Neeraj has shared some simple explanations for people about complex human conditions like the ego, and given
examples that make it easy to understand what it is detrimental to human relationships.

~ Michelle Casto, AKA Bright Michelle
The Soul Alignment Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Author of 20+ books on life transformation and personal empowerment

First reaction i want to share with everybody, this book is just awesome. It is the most honest, pure and genuine
expression of being human. Many blessings to Neeraj for sharing with us this huge work on self.

Like a treasure box filled with many jewels is the book “Transformation”. To see its worth you have to look/read it with a
 Spiritual eye. The words are so pure and sweet like nectar and once you take a drink you become intoxicated with
Spiritual Wisdom.

Neeraj … truly an awe-inspiring book written from the experience of life! … not only has it touched my heart but reflects
my soul in every way
… Counting my Blessings … As I look into the mirror at my reflection of those that I meet each day …
As I read and understand my life through someone else … When our Love for self and others are Pure, WE ARE ONE

Neeraj, I love this book, from hundreds of books i have read in my life, this one, after all others has given me a different,
new way to grow spiritually, to recognize where the biggest issue to copy with other human beings in life is, and last
but not least a simple easy way to keep myself in control of any situation, being still, has brought me so muc
h peace
and love since i started doing it, and that comes from u sharing ur experience, I will always thank you for that, and
 i promise you…i will pass it on. ?
~Hanny Moon~